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My first introduction to fashion was when I got a Barbie doll
at age 7. Later, in my junior high home economics class, I discovered I really liked sewing. Pretty sure I was the only one who did! In Art school, I studied printmaking and photography. After graduating I found myself searching for a creative path to follow. A friend suggested I might want to “help out” making roller skating cacti costumes for a western musical he was writing. I was intrigued. Three design meetings into the project
I was the only costume person left to design the whole show. It was an overwhelming amount of work, but the reward of seeing what I had made come alive moving on the human body was exhilarating.

I’m inspired by stuff and I need stuff to make costumes. Painters only need paint and canvas. If I can’t procure the materials needed, I make them as I did when I cut out, fused and handed painted hundreds of leaves to make the “Grapevines.”  Why make a weeping willow gown? Because I found boxes of fake willow branches at my favorite party supply store. After discovering clear drop shaped beaded curtains, I was able make the “April Showers” costume. Thrift stores and my recycling bin now provide me with a wealth of stuff.

I aim to create elegant costumes that delight the viewer, and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Here's my full bio.

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